1. Introduction to AGEA

AGEA International are a financial services corporation specialized in providing traders with high quality online trading services. You can find an extensive profile of our company at About page.

The easiest way to start trading is to go to and click on a market instrument in a price window. When order dialog shows up, you can set quantity to 1 and then click on , or buttons and your order will go into the market.

We strongly encourage users to practice with virtual money, for at least several weeks, before starting to trade on live trading desks. Each user gets $10000 of virtual money on the standard trading platform after account opening and this money can be used to practice trading. There is no time limitation on practice with virtual money.

Do not become our client until you have completely read, understood, and acknowledged the legal information on our web site. If you do not completely understand some of the information, you may consult a competent legal advisor or contact us with specific queries at Contact page.

We have no requirements for initial deposit on the standard trading platform. When you verify your account you will receive $5 reward and virtual $10,000 to practice trading on the standard trading platform. If you want to open an account please go to Open Account and fill out the form there.

2. AGEA Account Services

There are several deposit options we provide for our clients. Please check Payment Options for more information. Digital currency deposits are automated so you see funds in your account instantly. Please make sure you follow online deposit procedures until their full completion so these systems correctly provide us with information on your deposits.

We provide several methods for clients to withdraw funds. Please see Withdraw Funds for more details on these methods. We also allow withdrawals to digital currency accounts that you have previously deposited from. Withdrawal process is never automated, for security purposes, but it usually takes 6 to 24 hours to clear.

3. AGEA Trading Platforms

You do not need to install any type of software to use our services. Simply go to and you can start trading. For platforms that require installation please go to Downloads page. We do not offer trading over the phone.

Spreads between bid and offer (ask) prices are variable. For detailed information please visit Platform Services page and select the platform for which you want to review spreads. Price spreads often unexpectedly change and greatly increase during weekends, in after-hours trading, in case of market-related announcements or market turmoil.

We offer various leverage depending on the platforms and account types listed on Platform Services page. Please click on each of the platforms shown for more details.


AGEA Trading Platforms
AGEA Trading Platforms