Not sure how to start forex trading?

Not sure how to start forex trading? It’s easier than you may think.

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Start forex trading with no deposit
Start forex trading with no deposit

Any advise before I start trading forex?

“How do I start trading?”

Open an account and start.

You can’t learn to swim without getting in the water. Just make sure you don’t go in too deep too fast!

I’ll be a chartist for FX + equities for a while before I start trading them, will post more about them now that crypto is flat lined

Please can you just help me fund my mt5 with $9.70 so I start trading again
Persevering face
this was my account before it crashed.

just wait till i start trading Forex then you’ll see!

When I start trading emotionally and get greedy that when my account take big hits.

I’ll put every cent I have on a parlay before I start trading forex

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15 thoughts on “Not sure how to start forex trading?”
  1. im interested with this Bitcoin trading thingy hmm dont know how to start
    Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat

    can somebody mentor me on this
    Face with tears of joy

  2. You can become a boss of your own, stop depending on salaries, no billionaire ever made it through salary.
    Investment is the key to wealth, contact admin now to set up your investment and start making money through Bitcoin trading, Inbox me on how to start up

  3. What is the correct Step by Step Beginners Guide on How to learn and master Forex trading? Many people want to learn forex but are confused about where to start. Forex is indeed vast, and even skilled traders will continue to learn.

  4. I give it another month before I start trading full time. Keep it 100 I ain’t even feeling going back to Amazon
    Make more with Doordash and more in the stock markets

  5. How do I start trading on the stock market? – Trading the stock market requires: An education. Retail traders tend to think of education as You Tube videos and articles on websites, or strategies they learn from a retail trader turned guru….

  6. once i start trading bitcoin through forex just know i’ma be on anotha level..mastering these regular forex pairs for rn, been doing well this week tbh

  7. So with forex, I start trading with $1500, then I start the next day with maybe $1525, then the next day with $1538 etc.

    Doing much better than it ever would in a bank account.

    I use a software to run it like the rest of my investments: IRA, 401k etc.

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