Okay this is for drivers try Vs an introduction to fort early morning work early morning provides training days trading plans live signals and various works system for twenty a currency fears we trade we focus on larger time frames and trans which can also use the system were trading a smaller time frames maybe during sunday trading if that market conditions while for that I cannot pointing toward the training。Okay this is a warning is tribe or this d introduction to forty morning for early morning provides ten days trading plans live signals and various alert systems for twenty a currency pairs we trade we focus on a larger time frames and transport you can also use the system were trading a smaller time frame that may be doing some day trading if de market conditions allow for that are not pointing toward the trading market。The star home page just if you want a brief summary of all of the things we do for quarterly warning just to read the home page for a carefully two important pages on a website of the thirty five lessons page in the videos page you wanna check out the information as much as possible show you how to。Get d information as much as possible show you how to set up a trend indicator that will show you every detail about our trading system and either too important pages were you to check out immediately and you can do most of this before you tried so if you go to the website scope to de thirty five lessons page and videos page third reading lessons are written illustrated lessons and watching videos and you have a very strong idea how we trade de force market before you can do most of us before you even subscribe。We prepare training plans everyday for twenty eight years we review the entire market but we do it in individual currency groups in a we re vu SD careers as in individual group that we revealed again pairs we do it as individual currency groups we do for eight different currency and then we prepare training plans using all of information c and following lessons we use lesson eight ten eleven thirty tu to prepare training plans plus if you want to know that the direction of the train and weather individual currency the stronger we can use our market analysis spreadsheet。

And go to home page in c record that market analysis spreadsheet dlink is right there is yet to set up your train indicated were trained a system so you can set up our expansion moving average is and you can set up for nine time frames and can be set up on met a traitor or basically any platform that will allow for moving average and time frames you can use the trend indicator to determine the。The resistance levels and also for setting price loans the daily trading plans we set price alert and you can just go into a trading platform set price alerts and monitor the market for movement and brake pads so Li work trend indicator link is on the home page and you would also want To Go to de videos which show you have to set up the trend indicator。

And then go check less than ten and the thirty five lessons for ur review support resistance levels how we calculator support resistance levels so right here on the home page dropped down paragraph heres the link to free train。

As far as alert systems we have various alert systems you can set price alerts for break UPS those can be deliver ti VIA email by a measure for platform are there your broker lot brokers have that we also have a mobile APP is free you can download it and it will send you really great alerts that tell you when the market is starting to move across the currency in almost any situation。

Desktop alerts to ever markets can scanner tool that flashes if he is the Google Chrome browser to issue a flashing notification on your desktop so with de for forturally morning trading system you always know when the market is moving weather its a main session or the Asian session Oliver alert systems are shown and lesson sixteen go check that out and then set up power your alerts however you want you can customize it anyway。

Next thing you wanna be very familiar with this is very important how to enter trades massively important year so in less than twenty five will give you some ideas for how to set a set of rules for entering trades you also want to learn to use how to use the four key map and you want to know what a good entry signal looks like okay。