Table of Contents

Dec 25, 2020 Phantom of the Pits

Chapter 1. Phantom’s Insights
Chapter 2. Your Book
Chapter 3. A Little History
Chapter 4. Preparation for Trading
Chapter 5. Rule One
Chapter 6. Rule Two
Chapter 7. Trading with Rules One and Two
Chapter 8. Day Trading
Chapter 9. Options
Chapter 10. Cloud Hopping
Chapter 11. Time to Reflect on God’s Rules
Chapter 12. When We Lose One of Our Own by Harold B. Simpson
Chapter 13. Behavior Modification
Chapter 14. A Wink is as Good as a Nod To a Blind Horse
Chapter 15. Quicker Than the Eye
Chapter 16. Your Comeback After a Big Drawdown
Chapter 17. Phantom’s Christmas Gift
Chapter 18. Rule Three You Say?
Chapter 19. Is the Market Always Correct?
Chapter 20. The Third Rule
Chapter 21. Tie Ribbons on Your Trading
Chapter 22. Trading and Three Accidents
Chapter 23. My Order Was Filled Where?
Chapter 24. Your Trade Program
Chapter 25. Phantom’s Chat

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