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Not sure how to start forex trading?

Not sure how to start forex trading? It’s easier than you may think.

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Start forex trading with no deposit
Start forex trading with no deposit

Any advise before I start trading forex?

“How do I start trading?”

Open an account and start.

You can’t learn to swim without getting in the water. Just make sure you don’t go in too deep too fast!

I’ll be a chartist for FX + equities for a while before I start trading them, will post more about them now that crypto is flat lined

Please can you just help me fund my mt5 with $9.70 so I start trading again
Persevering face
this was my account before it crashed.

just wait till i start trading Forex then you’ll see!

When I start trading emotionally and get greedy that when my account take big hits.

I’ll put every cent I have on a parlay before I start trading forex