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How to buy a stock on a gap up

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Trading Platforms

1) Stock must break out of a sound base and have great fundamentals
2) Volume must be very high, e.g. >300% of the 50d average
3) Set a SL at the low of the day.
4) Scale into the trade and add at close or next day.
5) Risk must be acceptable.

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A lot of traders seem to think the more advanced the strategy, the more profitable that trade will be.

In reality, I love to trades simple straight forward patterns. This eliminates emotion and allows you to trade with confidence!

Once you understand how the market fluctuates in & out of certain sectors during the yr it makes it much easier to position yourself ahead of time and be much more patient. Trying to day trade can work but is much more of a headache to teach imo

Think about how averages are calculated. And what happens if you hold a stock over the weekend? How many hours is that? What will that do to an average mostly made up of very short durations? Those average hold times are worthless for any analysis in that form.

No such thing as ‘how much longer do we have to wait’ — you’re either invested in it as a ‘swing trader or going long’ or you trade it — if you’re trading it, do yourself a favor and go with the technicals and if it ain’t working for you then it’s time to find new stock pick:)

It means most of the traders just think this way: If stock “X” comes at “Y” price, they’ll simply buy thinking that it’ll rise again from here. This is one part but they should focus more on how much they are ready to lose (based on SL) if trade doesn’t works out!