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8 Secrets to Successful Forex Trading

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There are many different outlooks on trading Forex, some will swear by fundamental analysis, while others will deem it pointless and tell you to focus all your energy on reading technical charts. Some experts will tell you to take advantage of the Forex leverage you are given in the FX market, while others will tell you to stay far away, as the higher the leverage, the greater the risk. Here are some universal pieces of advice for the Forex trader. They can all be summed up by one crucial element of trading psychology – objectivity. You do not have to follow each one of these Forex secrets to the letter of the law, but rather take them as an indication of the type of philosophy you have toward Forex trading. Some of these might not be right for all traders, but they are general tips, which are meant to lead you down the path to Forex success.

  • Preliminary Self Knowledge
  • Compatible Forex Broker
  • Methodology Selection and Application
  • Chart Synchronization
  • Money Management
  • Confidence Build Up
  • Weekend Homework
  • Record Everything

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FOREX Trading Basic Knowledge

Seven Habits of Forex Trading Experts

Habits, good or bad, apply to all aspects of life. Let’s take a look at how habits affect my favorite area – forex trading. Over the years, I have found that the following seven habits can help traders keep their feet on the ground and, more importantly, keep them profitable.

Seven habits of forex trading experts
Seven habits of forex trading experts

Habit 1: know the reason for every trade

Many traders try to jump into the market because they “think” it’s profitable. Usually, when the price drops sharply, traders will take action, because they think that “the price has dropped to a very low level, and it will rebound”.

Every trade has a reason. This means that you have to follow a trading plan. Trading can never be “intuitive”.

Habit 2: there are always new Trades

In my trading career, the traders I met always seem to be on tenterhooks. They become anxious and depressed because they “missed the trend” and regret that they didn’tuse their laptops to complete all the important trades on this day.

The foreign exchange market is the largest financial market in the world with a daily turnover of about US $400 trillion. Trading opportunities are endless, so don’t blame yourself for losing one. Who said that the lost trade will be profitable? That’s a comfort.

Habit 3: be decisive

This habit is my rule when I teach students. I sometimes joke with students that if I heard that any student didn’t cut his position after trading, no matter where I was at that time, I would fly back to hit him on the head!

Believe me, the most important reason for traders to lose money in their accounts is their habit of taking excessive risks. Don’t fall into this trap, always cut the position. Make it a good habit from today on.

Make it a good trading habit from today on
Make it a good trading habit from today on

Habit 4: don’t retaliate after losing money

You just finished the trial transaction in the simulation account, and now you are ready for the real transaction. The first chance is here. It’s time to make a lot of money!

You made a trade, but you were forced to cut your position. Once again, you try to sell.

You are annoyed, the transaction should not be like this!

In the third transaction, you increase the investment cost to three times of the original, because you want to “win back” the money that the foreign exchange market mercilessly takes away from you.

This behavior sounds too familiar, right?

Don’t fall into the trap of revenge. The foreign exchange market will make you pay a heavy price. The key here is to understand that this is not for you alone. No one makes money on every trade. What you should do is leave the computer and re analyze your trading plan.

If everything goes according to plan, great! It’s normal to have losses. Accept that.

Habit 5: keep a trading diary

This is difficult, and not many traders do it. Those who keep a diary really believe in its immeasurable effectiveness.

The trading diary should record the decisions you made before the transaction, and record your thoughts and emotions after completing the goal. The following short list tells you what should be included in the transaction diary:

1) The date and time of the transaction

2) Currency pairs (e.g. euro / US dollar, US dollar / Japanese yen or British pound / Canadian dollar)

3) Actions / strategies taken (long term or short term)

4) Risk (how many hands, cut positions)

5) Potential profit (do you have one or more profit targets? )

6) Results (profit / loss)

7) State (what are your thoughts and emotions? Are you doing the right thing? )

A trade diary is like a road map. It can help you point the way. Here’s a question: if you don’t record your progress, how can you know if you are going in the right direction?

If you don’t have a framework as a measure, how do you know if some “bad habits” will inadvertently become your stumbling block? Start to keep a trading diary today!

10 good trading habits
10 good trading habits

Habit 6: keep your brain clear

Just had a fierce quarrel with friends or family. Is it wise to do analysis or trade at this time? Or you work 14 hours a day and your boss scolds you for not completing your task. Is it wise to make a decision at this time?

Of course not. When you are ready to trade on the computer, you must always keep a clear mind. You don’t want any emotions to make you hallucinate and see patternsthat don’t exist on the screen.

Habit 7: always pay for yourself

Is this habit important? of course.

What is the ultimate purpose of the transaction? It’s about generating continuous profit returns. But what’s the point if you don’t enjoy the benefits of exchanges?

There are many ways to pay for yourself in this industry. Let me list a few:

1) Set a goal of getting all the money back. When you achieve this goal, take out your start-up funds and use the money you have earned to trade later. This is actually a “risk-free” business.

2) Take out a certain amount of money remaining in the account and continue to add it when you have reached 20%. Make sure you withdraw far more than you may have to pay your broker.

Now you know the seven habits of foreign exchange trading experts. How to develop these habits? Very simple, as long as you have been doing these things for quite a long time, then these behaviors will naturally become your habits.

After that, you can develop into a mature trader and become an important force in the trading world.

behaviors will naturally become your trading  habits
behaviors will naturally become your habits

Finally, I’d like to share with you a wonderful quote from Vince Lombardi, the greatest football coach in history

Success is not temporary;
Success is consistency.
Success is not an accident,
It’s not the occasional right thing to do,
It’s always doing the right thing.
Success is a habit,
Unfortunately, the same is true of failure.

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—An online forex trading rebates service since 2012

Foreign Exchange Trading Experience

To succeed, people often say that attitude is everything, and so is foreign exchange trading. It is necessary to learn the foreign exchange trading experience of successful people with an open mind. As a slogan to express the power of positive thinking. To put it simply, we should have a positive attitude in doing things.
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Foreign Exchange Trading Experience

As long as we keep positive thinking and work hard, we can finally succeed. But in the field of trading, especially foreign exchange trading, it is not enough to rely on attitude alone. In addition to a positive attitude, we should also maintain a good attitude and learn from successful foreign exchange trading experience.

  1. Long term stable profit

As a professional trader, what we have to establish is the concept of long-term sustainable and stable profits. We should not pursue overnight wealth, that is, we should not bring gambling mentality into the market. Investment is a very serious thing. When you want to gamble with the market

At that time, the foreign exchange market becomes a gambling market for you. Have you ever heard of successful gamblers?

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Lessons From Foreign Exchange Trading (Trading Principles)

2. Objective transaction is better than subjective transaction

Objective signal and subjective signal have their own advantages and disadvantages. Every investor should build up confidence in trading and trust his own judgment, but overconfidence may lead to overconfidence in subjective signals; objective signals are often very reliable, but the biggest disadvantage is to send letters

It is easy to delay the signal because most of the technical indicators are caused by the delay of sending signals.

Objective trading and subjective trading should complement each other. When there is a contradiction, you need to make a choice according to your accumulated experience. If you can’t make a choice, please believe in the objective signal. When the objective signal and subjective signal are consistent, further confirm that your trading is likely to be correct.

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Foreign Exchange Trading Experience

3. Get what belongs to you, don’t be greedy

Every day, there are opportunities. If the opportunities are implemented in the ultra short term, they can even be described as unlimited opportunities. However, our energy is limited, and the opportunities we can seize are also limited.

It is also about the choice of opportunities. It is about facing the temptation of excessive trading opportunities and the market. We should only grasp the opportunities that we can grasp and grasp with basis. We should build positions with rules, and we should build positions without rules

Give up trading, or just try to trade small positions, trying to create new trading rules.

forex trading success principles for begginers
Foreign Exchange Trading Experience

4. Avoid fear and regret

Fear and regret are the most common faults of foreign exchange market traders, and they often become the key factors affecting the trading mentality. Fear is reflected in fear of shrinking profits, fear of market turn around, fear of hitting the stop loss and turning back. The three contents that some investors fear are actually completely psychological

In the trouble: fear of profit shrinkage performance do not trust their own trading plan, do not believe their own judgment; fear of market turn is not aware of the market trend is not easy to reverse, even if there is a reversal, there are stop loss price as risk control, according to the new market

The reason is that there has been such a situation, but investors have not looked for the reason from the method and probability of stop loss setting. There is no unchangeable trading method and no unchangeable opportunity in this market.

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Foreign Exchange Trading Experience