Top 4 Effective Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

Top 4 Effective Cryptocurrency Trading Strategies

The cryptocurrency trading is gaining popularity rapidly. Cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin and EOS, are a rising money related innovation and

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The Best Online Forex Broker for Beginners

computerised resource class. Much like stocks, commodities, or forex currencies, these cryptocurrencies can be traded in financial markets on cryptocurrency exchanges or expert trading platforms.

Consistently, somebody becomes weary of sitting at a work area and chooses to turn into a trader. Numerous individuals imagine that the Cryptocurrency market is an extremely simple speciality in any case. This is the first and principal reason behind their failure. Be that as it may, numerous individuals figure out how to trade. After getting essential information, they comprehend the need for methodologies. Traders can’t win with technical investigation or principal examination alone. It is an unquestionable requirement to learn various strategies and figure out how to execute them.

A cryptocurrency trading strategy is a lot of activities pointed toward making enthusiasm on the cryptocurrency market. Nobody can give you a 100% assurance that you will consistently have profit. Somehow, a trading strategy will ensure that you will not fail and gain some profits.

Top 4 Profitable Crypto Trading Strategies


There are several crypto trading strategies, but out of them, we are stating some of the top 4 profitable cryptocurrency trading strategies.

Day Trading Strategy
Swing Trading Strategy
Position Trading Strategy
Scalping Trading Strategy

Here is a brief overview of these strategies

1. Cryptocurrency Day Trading Strategy

A day trading cryptos involves the practice of buying and selling the cryptos on a single trading day. Traders will have to take the benefit of the

take losses quickly
take losses quickly

volatile nature of the crypto market and gain the profits from small price fluctuations by executing several different trades. Trade with heaps of unmistakable sets is the main thing that traders should discover. Day trading cryptos is the best strategy compared to other markets as the crypto market is live 24/7, so traders can get extra time benefit.

Traders need to investigate a ton of data and be prepared to interface each trap with bearish or bullish patterns. As a trader, you should dive deep into understanding value changes of cryptocurrencies and use them for profitable trading.

All the time, individuals attempt to relate day trading with a simple way to riches. Indeed, this seldom occurs. It is a challenging and long way to a billion dollars in your financial balance. SEC cautions: ” investors will in general face genuine financial losses in the primary month of trading”. They will have to practice the strategy thoroughly so that they can avoid such losses. Day trading may give both enormous profits and losses.

Some tips for day trading in cryptocurrency

Traders should always choose the cryptos with high volatility and high trading volume.
Always try to implement a money flow index indicator.
Always try to trade in the first part of the trading session as price movement will be higher at starting.

2. Cryptocurrency Swing Trading Strategy

Swing trading is the short cum medium-term trading strategy which is executed

all successful traders started as beginners
all successful traders started as beginners

by holding the cryptos for a longer period of time like a week or sometimes a

month. This strategy is executed by taking the benefits of the volatility waves, which can take a time span of the several days to roll out. Swing traders typically use the combination of fundamental and technical factors.

Swing traders typically gain the profits which are based on the price action trends or the technical indicators. The main focus of swing trading is to catch the valuable price movement. Traders always look for the cryptos, which are highly volatile and have high trading volume. Swing traders always try to take advantage of daily charts for opening and closing the positions and also for applying the stop loss.

Some tips for Swing Trading in Cryptocurrency

Trade when all the trading indicators show the same signals.
Look for the long term positions in a bullish market while the short term positions in bearish markets.
Try to avoid short term indicators and charts.

3. Cryptocurrency Position Trading Strategy

Position trading is also called trend trading. It is a strategy where the cryptos are held for the long term like for several months as it’s known as the trend trading traders always look to take the benefit of the…

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